Who's Here

The following companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street.

Several companies are incubating inside the university’s current Innovation Park footprint that is within this facility. For information on startup incubation and acceleration space and resources, please click here.

The remaining companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street. Many participate in and contribute to the innovation ecosystem. For general leasing enquiries please contact GGTC, the owner of the facility.

The Office of Partnerships and Innovation (OPI) offers a full spectrum of services to support our clients in the university, at the Park, in the region, nationally, and internationally. Queen’s-OPI provides support and incubator space for startups, offers entrepreneurship programming, develops and promotes research partnerships with industry, governments, and not-for-profits including other academic institutions, and provides the intellectual property and commercial expertise that are needed to advance discoveries/technologies to the marketplace. We help innovators find each other.

Quotezine, Inc. is a social enterprise developing digital solutions to real world problems. As the founders of Mind Hero, we're tackling the sky-rocketing rates of anxiety and depression by building novel technologies that improve access to anyone, anywhere. At present, our team of psychiatrists incorporate therapeutic frameworks like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into daily interventions we deliver to mobile devices.


RA Housing promotes safe renting practices for tenants and housing providers across Canada. For more information about Red Alert Housing, please visit rahousing.com

RentalGauge measures and automates all aspects of your rental property. You, and your tenants, can login and stay on top of everything, making sure that rent is paid and your property is well maintained.

RentalGauge is designed for the Canadian tax code and provincial tenancy laws, with your data securely stored in Canada.

Chemicals are important to our professional lives.  At the plant, in the lab, in schools and hospitals, they deliver exceptional value to production, learning and healing environments.  Rillea Technologies combines best chemical handling practices with an accessible, intuitive, intelligent web application - SDS RiskAssist™, to quickly extract knowledge from chemical documents and help organizations responsibly unleash the benefits of chemicals for confident, effective use while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

SPARQ Systems Inc. designs and manufactures next generation microinverters for the fast-growing residential solar market. Our advanced microinverters convert power produced from a solar panel into usable grid power for home solar systems. We expect our next generation microinverter to reset the industry standard for low cost, high reliability, high performance, ease of installation, and advanced grid functions.

Spectra Plasmonics aims to replace time consuming and cumbersome sample testing techniques with simple alternatives using technology that augments and enhances Raman spectroscopy. We develop and manufacture surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates built off patent-pending technology invented in the department of chemical engineering at Queen’s University in Canada.


StayBillety is an online accommodation service connecting like-minded Guests and Hosts. Shared Interests. Shared Roof. #ComeOnIn

Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd. focuses on innovative solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for group benefits and individual products.  They are the authorized representative for the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce group benefit plan.  As the only local member of E.B.A.I., Canada’s leading national association of independent employer benefits advisors, representing over 4,000 employers, they bring competitive pricing and pioneering benefit opportunities to the Kingston community.

SUMIDA CORPORATION manufactures electronic components and modules that are based on coils i.e. inductive technology. These components and modules are used in a range of markets (automotive, consumer electronics, renewable energy, medical technology, etc.).