Who's Here

The following companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street.

Several companies are incubating inside the university’s current Innovation Park footprint that is within this facility. For information on startup incubation and acceleration space and resources, please click here.

The remaining companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street. Many participate in and contribute to the innovation ecosystem. For general leasing enquiries please contact GGTC, the owner of the facility.

MESH Scheduling Inc. (formerly Canarmony Corp.) is a small Kingston-based Canadian startup with a focus on developing and enhancing harmony at home and in the office for all one step at a time. The company creates applications that simplify work and enhance quality of life everywhere. 

Canarmony Corp. innovates and introduces technology into better working, learning, and connecting.


Meta Innovation Technologies is a team of geoscientists and developers with a mission to empower the O&G Geoscience professional community with a best-in-class kinesthetic knowledge-transfer experience through innovation software technology. Their product offering, MetaKinetic, is an interactive educational platform that overcomes the competency gap of new hires and provides affordable and on-demand knowledge source for continuous professional development.

Better interactions, better people, better results. Product 1 - Combined SaaS plus patent pending kiosk solution for better service interactions Product 2 - SaaS application for better team interactions. Both products apply crowd wisdom, quickly targeting counterproductive behaviours and supporting improved interactions for better workplaces.

NanoFabrication Kingston is a collaboration between Queen’s University and CMC Microsystems, providing researchers with access to leading-edge equipment, methods, and expertise for designing and prototyping microsystems and nanotechnologies.


T: 613. 530. 4786

E: gibson@cmc.ca



The NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) is the Government of Canada's best tool for helping small and medium-sized firms develop new technologies that result in the commercialization of new products, processes or markets.

NRC-IRAP's technology and business advisory network, coupled with the shared financial support it offers to innovative companies and organizations, strengthens Canada's innovation system and ignites the growth of NRC's technology cluster initiatives in Canada.

Established in 2015, Okwaho Equal Source, an Indigenous social enterprise, has become a highly sought-after global leader and change agent in Indigenous-inspired social finance, social enterprise, social innovation, and social procurement for the Canadian and Australian public and private sectors. Okwaho Equal Source’s mission is to fuel social, economic, and environmental impact via the empowerment and inclusion of diverse entrepreneurs and Indigenous-owned enterprises.

Onesubb is an online aggregator of digital subscriptions, allowing consumers to discover, subscribe to, and manage their subscriptions in one place. Why have many accounts to worry about when you have just one?

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) drives the development of Ontario’s economy by helping create new jobs, products, services, technologies and businesses. In partnership with industry and academia, OCE co-invests to commercialize innovation originating in the province’s colleges, universities and research hospitals.

Ontario East Economic Development Commission promotes Eastern Ontario as a centre for investment. Through shared resources and working collaboratively, we market the region – developing strategic marketing and communications plans to attract industry with business attraction and retention activities.  We represent over 200 communities, with more than two million residents.  Ask today about the Ontario East advantage!  

Pastel Special Education is an online resource provider for educators and families with children on the autism spectrum. Through our video modules, sensory simulation iOS application, and support tool guides, we hope to enable educators, parents, and school boards to provide the highest quality of support for children with ASD.