Who's Here

The following companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street.

Several companies are incubating inside the university’s current Innovation Park footprint that is within this facility. For information on startup incubation and acceleration space and resources, please click here.

The remaining companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street. Many participate in and contribute to the innovation ecosystem. For general leasing enquiries please contact GGTC, the owner of the facility.

You know you need marketing and sales to acquire customers. And having the right software is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need the marketing and sales know-how to make it work.

Our education plan is engineered for startups with limited time and resources, efficiently teaching you how to use HubSpot’s software to attract qualified visitors to your website, convert those visitors into leads, close the sale, and delight your customers.

Ioffe Biotechnologies is a life sciences startup dedicated to optimizing human performance. Through research in molecular biology and innovative product development, we commercialize technologies that realize human potential.

Simple and accessible Reverse Auctions for B2B transactions in biotech.

JIC Design is a web development company specializing in professionally designed websites, e-commerce, mobile applications and custom web development solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes worldwide. Our proven approach ensures that we can create the best possible digital representation of your brand, and the ideal user experience for your audience. We build something that can grow and evolve with your business by putting customer experience first.

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation, as the marketing and business development arm for the City of Kingston, is committed to the key issue of long-term economic sustainability for the City. The Kingston Economic Development Corporation’s collective success is based on the pursuit of business development opportunities and their resulting economic impact on our community.

Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based startups and growing companies. We are a team of entrepreneurs, investors, ex-CEO’s, and professional analysts who are here to help your company grow and bring innovative, technology based products to the marketplace.

Limestone Analytics builds cutting-edge economic tools for the analysis of social interventions and international development projects. Founded in 2016, they provide modeling and evaluation services to guide decision making by governments and social sector organizations. At Innovation Park, the firm develops methods to build flexible economic models, with the objective of decreasing the costs of conducting rigorous analysis and increasing access to academic-quality evaluation techniques.

ListNet is an online property marketplace.

ListNet consolidates all property types (Residential, Commercial, and industrial, for sale, rent, lease) all on one easy to use website.

Medizone International, Inc., is a research and development company engaged in developing its AsepticSure™ technology to decontaminate and sterilize hospital surgical suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units, schools and other critical infrastructure. If current trials continue to proceed successfully they will be followed by a hospital mock-up and then hospital beta testing of the production prototype. Initial sales are targeted to commence in the 4 quarter of this year.

Mero helps building owners save money by reducing costs associated with their washrooms, while in turn helping them be more environmentally sustainable.  This includes saving on labour costs, supply costs, and reducing unnecessary waste associated with washroom cleaning.  Our product ensures a building's dispensers are always functioning as they should be: with fully stocked supplies. With Mero, patrons never have to encounter an understocked facility, and building owners have the peace of mind their washrooms are functioning properly.