Who's Here

The following companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street.

Several companies are incubating inside the university’s current Innovation Park footprint that is within this facility. For information on startup incubation and acceleration space and resources, please click here.

The remaining companies and organizations are tenants and-or occupants at 945 Princess Street. Many participate in and contribute to the innovation ecosystem. For general leasing enquiries please contact GGTC, the owner of the facility.

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is abundant access to clean water for human consumption, agriculture and industry. Innovative technologies are needed to address this challenge of the 21st century. 

Forward Water Technologies aims to revolutionize the production of fresh water by tapping into an abundant source of water, our oceans.

Grafoid is a Canadian graphene research, development and investment company. As a leading global contributor to graphene’s commercialization, we invest in, manage, and develop markets for processes that produce economically scalable, pristine graphene for polymer and non-polymer, energy storage, medical, environmental and a broad range of other industrial, consumer and military applications.


The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce will be recognized as the "Voice of Business" dedicated to Kingston being Canada's most sustainable city.


The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce is a Member organization delivering high-value products, services and opportunities with a focus on advocacy, networking and education.

GreenCentre Canada brings together Canada’s leading Green Chemistry researchers, industry partners, and commercialization professionals in a common goal of developing cleaner, less energy-intensive solutions for traditional chemical products and manufacturing processes. A National Centre of Excellence, GreenCentre takes a truly hands-on approach, working with academic and industrial partners to identify and develop research breakthroughs that can benefit the environment and that are closely aligned with industrial needs.

IGES Canada combines Green and Blue Technology, Good Business, and Social Justice to provide long-term investments in sustainability by using otherwise wasted resources. Their current focus is on hydroponic greenhouses that can operate continuously in any climate to provide fresh food and independence for remote communities.

Ioffe Biotechnologies is a life sciences startup dedicated to optimizing human performance. Through research in molecular biology and innovative product development, we commercialize technologies that realize human potential.

Kalgene Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Kalgene”) is a Canadian company focused on the development of Oncology therapeutics and companion diagnostics. The company’s product pipeline is at various stages of research and development.

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation, as the marketing and business development arm for the City of Kingston, is committed to the key issue of long-term economic sustainability for the City. The Kingston Economic Development Corporation’s collective success is based on the pursuit of business development opportunities and their resulting economic impact on our community.

Kribr is an online service designed to provide individuals with the resources to easily build sustainable and efficient communities cost-effectively, starting with their home. Our mobile app and website connects property owners with key service providers to implement energy efficiency and automation upgrades.
Company Contact: Dominic Antony, Co Founder dantony@kribr.com


Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based startups and growing companies. We are a team of entrepreneurs, investors, ex-CEO’s, and professional analysts who are here to help your company grow and bring innovative, technology based products to the marketplace.