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Boston-based entrepreneur Chad Joshi was looking for somewhere to develop his latest idea; Boston-based green energy company Enviro Ambient was looking for a locale for their new clean tech accelerator, Enviro Innovate. But it took separate moves to Kingston to get them working together.

 This story is taken from the NCE anniversary report "Building on 25 Years of R&D Excellence."

A one-stop shop for Canadian green chemistry discoveries


Fire X Quick Facts:

Fire X Team is: Steven Montgomery (President), Quincy Emmons (Executive Vice-President/Director of Operations), Peter Sells (Chief Fire Operations Advisor), Zackery Hodgen ( Vice-President in charge of Petroleum Industry and Wild Land Fire Operations), Paul and Judi Montgomery (Shareholders)

EST: 2012

NEWS RELEASE - KINGSTON - Eight high-potential startups have been selected to participate in the GrindSpaceXL-Kingston program at Innovation Park.  The companies were selected after participating in a competitive pitch on Sept. 2.

November 26th, 2014 marked the graduation ceremony of GrindSpaceXL, an intensive 12 week start up incubator run in Kingston, ON at Innovation Park.

CMC Microsystems connects Canadian industry and university researchers.

The “smart phone” existed only in spy fiction when a pioneering student-industry initiative launched at Queen’s in 1980 quietly began changing the country’s electronics landscape.

By Alex Pickering, The Whig Standard

Sunday, August 17, 2014