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Enviro Innovate Corporation is building a pipeline. That’s not what you might expect to hear from a clean-tech business, but the “pipeline” in question moves innovative ideas to the market instead of oil or gas. This pipeline also flows in two directions.

Story by Ian Coutts. Photo courtesy of Scent Trunk.

Photo courtesy Greg Black Photography

Call it a recipe for innovation: take one professor with ideas but limited time and resources to market them, add two entrepreneurs, and the result is QSBR Innovations Inc., a firm on the verge of bringing two exciting new energy-related technologies to market: Passive Back Flow (PBF) and Integral Stagnation Control (ISC).

Janice Mady, director of Queen’s University’s Industry Partnerships & Innovation Park, calls their exciting new InnovationXL program, “the latest step on the journey.”

Ask Matthew Deir the CEO of Dragonfly Information Technology, located at Kingston’s Innovation Park about what makes the incubator special and he answers quickly.

“One of the things that is very important, but goes unmentioned,” he says, “is it has a kitchen.”

Richard Zakrzewski wanted to hit the ground running with his new idea.

Zakrzewski’s “grand idea” as he calls it, is to try to change the way we do manufacturing in North America.

 This story is taken from the NCE anniversary report "Building on 25 Years of R&D Excellence."

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Fire X Quick Facts:

Fire X Team is: Steven Montgomery (President), Quincy Emmons (Executive Vice-President/Director of Operations), Peter Sells (Chief Fire Operations Advisor), Zackery Hodgen ( Vice-President in charge of Petroleum Industry and Wild Land Fire Operations), Paul and Judi Montgomery (Shareholders)

EST: 2012

NEWS RELEASE - KINGSTON - Eight high-potential startups have been selected to participate in the GrindSpaceXL-Kingston program at Innovation Park.  The companies were selected after participating in a competitive pitch on Sept. 2.