Embedded Management Services

Do you need in-house expertise? 

InnovationXL’s programs include Embedded Management Services (EMS) for a small number of high-potential companies. 

Delivered by PARTEQ Innovations, EMS provides eligible companies with access to PARTEQ’s industry-experienced staff who assume leadership and mentorship roles in early stage startup firms to accelerate and enhance the success of each startup.    

PARTEQ Innovations manages the technology transfer activities at Queen’s University and other institutions. PARTEQ has extensive knowledge and expertise in technology assessment and market analysis, intellectual property protection and management, and raising capital. As a partner in delivering the InnovationXL suite of programs, PARTEQ is committed to providing EMS to a handful of startups each year in Eastern Ontario.

Meet PARTEQ’s experts.

Under EMS, PARTEQ may provide eligible startups with:

  • expert assessment of the discovery and potential markets
  • intellectual property protection, prosecution and ongoing patent management
  • all aspects of commercial development and commercial guidance from proof of principle to prototype to product
  • financial support and financial management, and
  • access to venture funds and angel investment

To receive EMS, a candidate firm has:

  • gone through the initial validation of its business plan
  • received mentoring and coaching from an InnovationXL partner or program, such as GrindSpaceXL, and needs follow-on support to further accelerate the launch or growth of its business
  • out-grown the services provided by partner organizations or needs specific services to augment partner services; for example, a Launch Lab EIR may provide industry-specific advisory services which PARTEQ assists the firm with executing
  • lacks short-term resources in a particular area which PARTEQ may provide such as: 
  • a temporary CFO to assist with financial functions while preparing for a round of financing
  • a temporary VP Sales to implement a marketing plan
  • a temporary Chief Scientific Officer to assist with obtaining certification or trial
  • access to a registered Patent Agent to map out an intellectual property strategy

For more information about our Embedded Management Services, please contact Paul Vickers

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