Glover and Boos Web Development Workshop

The web development workshop will cover how to set up and build a website for your startup/company. We will be showing everyone how to build a website using super easy to use tools so that really anyone can build and manage the website. Even though there are thousands of tools out there that allow you to put together a website with no technical knowledge understanding how to publish the website onto a server and set up a domain is still tricky. We will be presenting the workshop in 3 sections:

  • Domains, Servers and a CMS (Wordpress)
  • Drag and drop website development, when is code necessary?
  • Let's build a quick landing page.

We will set up a development environment for everyone that attends the session so that they can actually build something while we are there and ask any questions they might have.

It is recommended that you bring a laptop.


This workshop will be facilitated by Glover and Boos, a digital marketing, web design and application development firm located in Kingston, Ontario.